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Are you ready to change to a healthy lifestyle?

After a comprehensive fitness assessment, medical history, and establishing of fitness goals, I will personally develop a customized fitness program that is specifically designed for you. You won't get a computer-generated fitness program here.

You will be able to access your program online via your own personalized client page, where you can also keep track of your progress and receive regular feedback. Perhaps most importantly, you can contact Philly Fast Fit Body to receive the advice and encouragement you need!

To pay for your product or service, select the item below by placing your mouse over it and clicking. Then click the Buy Now button at the bottom, and the selection with the red check mark will be your purchase. Or directly click the Buy Now! link next to a product or service.

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Products & One Time Offerings
Phily Fast Fit Body Group Training/Boot Camp —  $59

Your subscription is $59 for 18 sessions and will be not be automatically renewed unless you manually cancel your subscription before the 30 day period is up.


Save $20 for a limited from the regular price of $79


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Philly Fast Fit Body Group Training/Boot Camp —  $99

12 week group training/boot camp

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Phily Fast Fit Body Group Training/Boot Camp —  $79

Your subscription is $79 for 16 sessions.

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In Home Personal Training —  $75

In home Personal Training cost is $75 a session unless you buy a bundle of 25 or more. The price is discounted by $35.

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